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News and pearls of wisdom from The Top Saddlery

Quick Change Stirrup Buckles - Have you lost a bit of yours?

August 15, 2022 1 min read

Lost Top Plates from Stirrup Leather Adjuster buckles are a common problem.

The Top Plate can be knocked sideways and become lost.

Luckily this can easily be prevented.

Click on the Article title to find the simple cost-free solution to the problem.

How Do You Go With A Logo?

May 26, 2022 3 min read

How to design a Logo

If you have just started out in business or you are looking for a logo to add identity to your team or organisation, this article is worth reading first.

Our embroidery workshop sews 1000's of logos each year so we know what makes a good embroidered logo.

Here are a few points to consider

  • Usage, text, colour.

Follow the KISS principle. Keep It Simple Stupid.

Here are a few more points to consider.

  • Size, how many colours, complexity

What are our go to brands? 

Is corporate more your style?

Request more information by email or phone.

To read the full article in all its nitty gritty - click on the title, and as always, we welcome your feedback.


How to prepare your anvil

May 17, 2022 1 min read

rOur Master Saddler Geoff has a passion for making knives and other metal objects both useful and sometimes not so useful! To do this he has a small forge and of course a couple of anvils. Here's a bit of advice to help you set up your anvil the correct way.

To ensure long, trouble free use of your anvil I suggest you take half an hour to properly dress the edges before use. 

Just click on the title to see the full article.

If you'd like to share your passion for forging knives, don't hesitate to drop me a line - Geoff Newton

Caring for your new saddle

May 17, 2022 3 min read

All our saddles are made to suit the job they were designed for, so we are confident that you will be happy with it. With regular care and maintenance your saddle will provide years of trouble free use.

Before you oil your new saddle, you should check that the fenders have been twisted into the correct riding position.

When your saddle is not in use, place it on stand if possible.

We recommend that you first give your saddle a light oiling with either pure Olive oil or pure Neatsfoot oil.

To read the full article just click on the title.

Don't forget to contact us with any queries or concerns - Geoff Newton