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The Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique: Your Source for Wrangler Belts and Other Apparel for Men, Ladies and Boys in Australia

At The Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique, our top goal has always been to provide our customers with the most reliable and highest quality apparel possible. We know that our customers—from businesses in the cattle industry to families out in the Bush who are familiar with the challenges and rewards of a hard day of manual labour—need rugged apparel to suit their rugged lifestyles.

As such, when we made the phrase 'Quality Gear for the Real Outback' our tagline, we meant it. We wanted to provide the gear that born and bred Bush families needed to support their hardworking, outdoor oriented lives. From boots to belts to shirts and beyond, our apparel comes from brands that build things to last.

Stocking Wrangler Belts and Other Wrangler Gear in Australia

Unsurprisingly, much of the gear that we sell at the Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique was designed specifically for the conditions and lifestyles of the Outback. From Akubra to Thomas Cook to Blundstone and beyond, many of the brands we stock are Australian businesses.

However, we are also a source for Wrangler ladies and men's gear in Australia. Wrangler, of course, is an American brand, established in 1947 and synonymous with jeans, belts, shirts and more ever since—at least in the United States. Today, Wrangler continues to be a purveyor of rugged and high quality clothing and apparel.

At the Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique, we stock Wrangler belts and other apparel in Australia because of their sheer level of quality. Sure, these products weren't designed with the Australian Bush in mind. However, Wrangler was originally established as a 'western apparel company,' and the conditions, lifestyles and work ethic of the American West isn't so different from what things are like out in the Outback. In fact, Wrangler's products are so well-suited to life in the Bush that Wrangler is one of our top brands.

In other words, when you shop for Wrangler men's gear in Australia, you can rest assured knowing that the jeans, long and short-sleeve work shirts, belts and other apparel are all rugged enough to withstand time and abuse. Whether you work in the cattle industry, compete in the world of the rodeo or like taking long hikes in the Outback, Wrangler merchandise will serve you well. The same is true if you are shopping for Wrangler ladies apparel in Australia.

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Do you want to browse all of the Wrangler gear that we have to offer at the Top Saddlery & Bush Boutique? Click here to browse the Wrangler boys gear we carry in Australia, here for our selection of men's apparel and here for our stock of ladies Wrangler gear. If you need help finding the right Wrangler belts or jeans in Australia, call the Top Saddlery directly on 08 9872 3161.