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Aussie Rider Size chart

Aussie Rider Helmets

A riding helmets job is to protect your head from the impact of a fall. To do its job a helmet should stay firmly in place on your head during impact. For this to happen the helmet needs to fit well and have the straps correctly adjusted to minimise movement.







50-53 cm


56-59 cm

59-61 cm

A correct fitting helmet should have:

1 The front edge of your helmet should sit between 1-2 cm above your eyebrows. This will help protect the forehead and temple regions which are most likely to be impacted in a fall.

2 Rear straps should be securely fastened, and sit on or just below the earlobe. The chin strap goes under the jaw.

3 All straps should be adjusted so that there is tension on all straps. This is important for the helmet's stability.

4 The final test for a correct fitting helmet is that when you rock the helmet forward and back the skin on your forehead and your eyebrows should move with the helmet, you can look in the mirror to check this.

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