Country Clothing in Australia for Jackaroos and Jillaroos in the Real Outback

If you’re working in the bush as a Jackaroo or Jillaroo, you’re probably aware of how important a strong, reliable saddle is. You need something sturdy and reliable, and something that won’t let you down. The real outback is an unforgiving place, and without essential items such as saddles and the right clothing, you won’t last very long.

If you’re in the saddle every day working in the cattle industry, finding a place to buy country clothing online could be very handy, especially quality gear that, like your saddle, won’t let you down.

When seeking country clothing in Australia suitable for work in the real outback, there are a few things you should consider. For men, a good quality shirt capable of withstanding tears is a must, as is a good pair of high-quality jeans. When spending a day working in the bush or on horseback, the last thing you need are clothes that come apart at the seams. Of course, a decent hat is a must as well, especially in the summer months.

Women’s Country Clothing Online

Here at Top Saddlery, we know that it’s not just men who work in the Outback these days. There are plenty of jillaroos out there too that need good quality clothing suitable for work and riding. Top Saddlery stocks a vast array of women’s country clothing in Australia, all capable of dealing with anything you can throw at them. Also, you’ll be surprised too at the number of styles we have. Not everything designed for the outdoors should be bland and uninteresting. We have women's shirts and tops from leading brands such as Wrangler, Thomas Cook, Ariat and RM Williams.

In fact, all our women's country clothing need not be used in the outback at all if you prefer. As well as being durable, all the top brands you'll see on this website are fashionable, smart and suitable for any other purpose too. Why not combine a pair of Ariat Onyx Jeans with one of our Cruel Girl Tailor shirts for a trendy look on a night out?

Clothing, Saddles, Work Equipment and More

As you might have guessed from the name, Top Saddlery is about more than just high quality clothing. Having been established for 25 years, we are the largest manufacturer of saddles in the Northern Territory. We make and ship our saddles across Australia for people who live and work in the “Real Outback.”

Individuals who work in the cattle industry as Jackaroos and Jillaroos depend on people like us to get them the very best equipment and apparel possible so that they can do their jobs safely and comfortably. With a vast array of saddles, shirts, jeans, accessories, boots and work equipment, you’ll find the online store section of this website invaluable when you need to order new gear to keep you going.

For any further information about us or our products, feel free to contact us at, or call us on 0889 723161. We can ship all over Australia. We look forward to seeing you soon.